Your ticket to ride: defining a project that meets your objectives, requirements and dreams.


Would you like to travel abroad? Would you need further information to find and choose the tai-lored programme?

Our advisors welcome you to our information sessions or for an appointment. We will give you keys to define your mobility project and select the right programme among all of them : job, workpla-cement, volunteering, training. You will also get practical information that will be useful once abroad and upon return to valorise your experience.

If you want to join an information workshop or fix an individual appointment, please get in touch!


Do you want to bolster your career by undertaking a company internship in Europe?
If so, Erasmus+ can help. Created in 2014, Erasmus+ encompasses numerous EU programmes, including several that promote life-long learning and education, like Leonardo da Vinci and Youth in Action.

As holder of the Erasmus Charter, IERF has some one hundred grants available every year, to help jobseekers from the Ile-de-France region undertake a company internship of between 4 to 13 weeks in one of many European countries.

Individual and group opportunities are available throughout the year, depending on your needs, aims and preferred destination.

All successful applicants will be given end-to-end support, including pre-trip preparation, oversight during the internship and, on their return, an appraisal to identify, certify and determine how best to leverage the skills acquired.

Visit our Facebook page for further information on selection criteria, destinations, procedures and departure dates.


Are you looking for an international training opportunity to enhance your language skills or develop other professional competencies?

Various facilities are available in France, to help you fund your training. Depending on your employment status: these include a training account managed by France’s Ministry of Labour (Compte Personnel de Formation), training leave for salaried professionals (Congé Individuel de Formation, individual assistance (AIF) available through France’s employment agency), and internships covered by accredited training funds…

However, to be eligible, beneficiaries must go through an official training institute, accredited in France. IERF can support you on the administrative procedures needed to get their projects acepted.

Our services can be tailored to fit your precise needs: identifying host organisations abroad and comparing the costs involved, preparing and submitting applications to funding bodies, providing logistical support for your stay abroad (insurance, ongoing benefits and social security coverage, local logistics, etc.), and ensuring administrative follow-up both during and after your stay.

For further information on training opportunities and possible funding, please contact us and en-quire your accredited training fund or an employment advisor.