Long-term relations with key partners underscore the quality and sustainability of our projects.

Long-term relations with key partners underscore the quality and sustainability of our projects.


IERF has always enjoyed ongoing trust and support from the Erasmus+ France Education and Training agency, the European Social Fund, France’s employment agency, the Ile-de-France region, and France’s agency for social cohesion and equal opportunities.

Their active involvement, expertise and technical and financial support have enabled us to develop long-term measures that are continually evolving in line with changes in the socio-economic context.
Over time, additional partners have bolstered our offering yet further: groups of municipal authorities, regional councils, and accredited training funds.

Operationally, we work with a wide range of employment and training professionals. In all, our international mobility schemes enjoy active support from more than 250 employment and professional integration advisors working for various agencies (youth employment schemes, local integration initiatives, employment and training associations), as well as from trainers employed by mobilisation platforms and life-long learning centres. Their efforts help ensure that our international mobility schemes deliver recognised skills for jobseekers.


Every year, for the last 20 years, our programmes have enabled some 200 jobseekers of all ages to benefit from an international opportunity. To meet their professional requirements and ensure a smooth end-to-end experience, we have built up an international network of partners that includes:

Numerous intermediary organisations that specialise in managing internships and organising tailored work placements across the EU.

400 host organisations, across Europe and worldwide, that welcome interns, volunteers and other socio-education professionals.

Over 200 professional skills and language training institutes in 30 sought-after destinations.
Every year, we forge new partnerships with associations, organisations that facilitate cooperation, research and training structures, public institutions and private companies.

This network is key to extending the scope of international opportunities, driving new comparative transnational research initiatives and driving innovative professional integration and career guidance actions through the exchange of good practices.