Research, project engineering and operational management services for facilitating international projects.

Research, project engineering and operational management services for facilitating international projects.


Since 1996, IERF has worked with various public and municipal authorities to coordinate and organise European internships and exchange projects for jobseekers, recent graduates and vocational interns.

We provide a range of possible services, enabling you to benefit from the entire package or select those that are particularly relevant to your project:

Project engineering: defining, writing and responding to calls for specific applications, coordinating and implementing projects, training in-house teams, managing budgets, and finalising administrative procedures.

Operational management: selecting participants, concluding agreements with European partners, tracking logistics (training, internship placements, administrative procedures, follow-up and monitoring, certification).

Pedagogical engineering: defining and creating methodological tools and facilitating pre-trip cultural awareness and language training sessions, depending on the destinations and trainee profiles concerned.


Since 1995, IERF has sponsored or partnered various comparative transnational research initiatives, with financial support from European programmes like the ESF, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Erasmus+, etc.
Our research targets two overarching objectives: to further initiatives that help promote harmonised education and training systems among EU member states; and to compile studies that facilitate the exchange of good professional practice between interested stakeholders.

Much of our research is intended to drive innovation, and our findings constitute further resources that can be used to define new methodologies for supporting international mobility and implementing innovative local and transnational projects for jobseekers.

To date, we have contributed to more than 20 projects, working with public and private organisations in Germany, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, the UK, Switzerland, Turkey, and elsewhere. Our contributions focus on our main areas of expertise: life-long learning, recognition of and certification for European professional qualifications, career guidance and training for people seeking to enhance their career.

With a view to driving further progress in this domain, we encourage French and European organisations with a particular interest in these topics to contact us, to develop new joint projects.